Marshall P. Smith, Jr.

President, Director of Sales & Marketing

Business Development Specialist


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Over 25 years of one-on-one selling success, in all manner of B2C and B2C markets, to all manner of clients, excelling by sharing his contagious excitement for quality products and services; as always, making friends, making sales.

Marshall's broad knowledge of many different industries is based upon a personal need to know how things work. This understanding, coupled with a rich diet of scientific reading and macro-geopolitical economic focus, helps him to understand the big picture. Within the big picture he looks for social, ecomonic and weather related business trends, like global warming.

In the past year Marshall researched increasing extreme weather storm damage in the US caused by flooding, wind damage and wildfire. Subsequently, on behalf of a Middle Eastern company, Marshall did a study of the market for "hurricane proof homes" in the US. This market proved to be too small for widespread economic adoption. The real take away was the alarming rate of rising sea levels and greater intensity of storms and wildfires, worldwide.

Marshall says, "I very much enjoy getting together with people socially, making friends before I make customers. I have the ability to influence others to do things, so I like to really get to know a person, their personal tastes and values, before solving their issue".

Marshall's Past Success in Sales Includes:

  1. Real Estate Marketing & Sales
  2. Diamonds, Colored Gems & Fine Jewelry Sales
  3. Securities Sales and Portfolio Management
  4. Financial Estate Planning
  5. Whole Life and Annuities Sales
  6. Small Business Website Sales & Development
  7. Aerospace Machine Tooling Services Sales
  8. Aerospace Surplus EBAY Power Seller
  9. Commercial Roofing Services Sales & PM
  10. General B2B Construction Services Sales & PM
Marshall's Specialities include:
  1. Sales / New Business Development
  2. Dormant Customer List Reactivation
  3. Strategic Sales Campaign Planning
  4. Prospect List Building
  5. Cold Calling
  6. In-bound Marketing with Marketo
  7. Outbound Email Marketing with Constant Contact
  8. Generating Customer Referrals as a Sales Strategy
  9. Contract and Proposal Creation
  10. Closing New Business
  11. Project Management with Microsoft Project
  12. Attentive Account Management
A native Westerner, Marshall currently calls the Greater San Francisco Bay Area home, is an avid tennis fan and park player.
Marshall Smith
Craig E. Walker

President / Creative Director


Branded Multi-Media Integrated Marketing Communications

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Craig not only has an extensive background and portfolio in advertising and marketing, he has a real passion for it. He has worked in brand advertising and direct marketing all over the world, including New York, California, Europe, Saudi Arabia, and Australia. He was one of the founders-Executive Vice President and Executive Creative Director - of Grey Advertising's G2 in New York and internationally, serving such clients as American Express, Newsweek, IBM, General Motors, Shell Oil, General Foods, Doubleday, Humana and National Geographic.

Craig formed Walker & Company (a California Corporation) to specialize in the strategic alignment of brand response marketing and general and interactive advertising to create branded multi-media integrated campaigns. The Walker worldwide network has delivered creative marketing solutions locally and globally for clients like Blue Cross of California, Citibank (Saudi Arabia), Disney Online, Health Net, Hills Bros Coffee (Zoégas Swedish Coffee), Intuit, Kaiser Permanente, Nestlé (Nestlé Online), Nike, Nissan, Time-Life Books, Swiss Lotto and a host of high technology companies and financial institutions. His past advertising agency experience includes management and creative director roles at J. Walter Thompson / Sydney, Wilkins WPT / Hamburg, Campbell Ewald / Paris & Brussels (Pan-European), Ogilvy & Mather / New York, G2 (Grey Direct+Digital) / New York and DraftFCB / New York & Los Angeles.

A native of Tasmania, Australia--Craig is based in Los Angeles, CA, USA. He is a frequent vistor to Catalina Island aboard the "Grey Goose", his 40' Benneteau sailing yacht.

Skipper Walker at the Helm of the Grey Goose
Craig Walker
John A. Ochinero

Director of Channel Strategy & Sales Development


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Phone: (415) 254-4869

John Ochinero is a Channel Development contract consultant for leading SaaS Vendors based in North America and EMEA that wish to achieve sales success in USA Market.

John was Worldwide Sales Person for three consecutive years at Seiko Instruments and has founded two companies that achieved over a billion dollars in sales through merger and acquisition. John has taken the lead for scores of Channel Development efforts for Computer Peripheral, Consumer Electronics and Cloud solutions.

John has published and produced numerous papers and videos on business development.

Vendors interested in growing their North America sales are encouraged to contact John.

With over 20 years of C2C, B2C, B2B, B2E, E2E sales and distribution channel experience, John Ochinero is "The Channel Sherpa". At John's online Channel Forum, "Cloud Scoops" his current informational talk "SaaS Vendor: Going Channel" is highly enlightening.

John's Specialties include:

  1. Channel Analysis
  2. Channel Optimization
  3. Omni-Channel Strategies for any Product or Service
  4. North American Channels
A native of Fresno, John currently calls Sacramento, California home. He enjoys hiking, socializing and helping others.
John Ochinero
John Ochinero
Tooby Determined

Director of Branding and Brand Marketing Strategy


This team membership position is currently open. If you feel like you are:
  1. Good Looking
  2. Branding Specialist
  3. Positioning and Messaging Specialist
  4. Creative, Fast Thinker & Talker
  5. OK Team Player
  6. Dark, Dry & Ribald Sense of Humor
  7. Deep Sense of Social Justice
  8. Not OK in some way
please contact us.
The Gipper
The Gipper (Likeness used without permission.)
Rouge LeChien

Director of Web Development & Digital Media Marketing


Rou is retiring and we are looking for a new digital marketing coordinator to assume the following duties:
  • Digital Media Coordination
  • Executes Online Marketing Plan
  • Manages E-Commerce Web Development
  • Performs Front End E-Commerce Web Design
  • Provides Back End E-Commerce Design and Support
  • Owns APP Product Development
  • Does not poop on the floor!
If you feel qualified, please contact us.
Foo Dog
Rou gave 10 best years.